Best Cricket Bats to Buy in India

Cricket is a religion in India, it is a game that is played since decades all over the world and India there are millions of fans who love to play and watch cricket as well. If you are a cricket player or want to start training yourself as a professional cricketer then you might wonder what are the required accessories required to start cricket. Before starting training as a professional cricketer you must choose what proficiency you want to choose, either batsmen or bowler. If you choose to bat as a pro in you then you need accessories like Leg pads, Helmets, Elbow pads and the most important a Bat. For batsmen a Cricket Bat is the ultimate machine for him/her to play, there are multiple bats available in the market you can buy for yourself. In this article we have come up with a list of best cricket bats India you can buy if you’ve started professional batting. Check out the list below:

  • English Willow – NIKE G5:

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Nike is known as the most popular sports brand in India as well as all over the world, with the English Willow cricket bat which is available both offline and online. The price range of this bat starts from 4000, it weighs between 11300 to 1300 grams and that can be customized as per your requirement. If you want to buy this bat offline you will find in major cities across India and if you are unable to find it offline then go for online and get it delivered to your house.

  • Kashmir Willow – Gray Nicollis:

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If you are looking for Indian manufactured bats that are highly durable and weighs around 1.5 Kilograms then the Gray Nicolls kaboom Smash Kashmir Willow cricket bat is the best cricket bats India. This cricket bat is endorsed by none other than Australian cricket batting sensation David Warner.

  • English Willow – MRF Genius Grant Edition:

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Indian Cricketers are also not so far behind when it comes to endorsing cricket bats in India, priced around 5000 in Indian currency the English Willow MMRF Genious Grant Edition is the best bat for any professional. Sikhar Dhawan is the official brand ambassador for this cricket bat edition. The grip of this bat is very good and you can hit larger sixes while playing with this bat. You will buy this bat offline or either online as well from its authorized stores.

The above mentioned were the best cricket bats India, you can choose your favourite from the above-mentioned list and start hitting sixes. Thank you for reading.